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What’s new for hair this spring summer

As we head into Spring Summer 2019 let’s take a look at the top 3 most wearable fashion focussed hair trends for you to be rocking this summer!

1. Glossy Hair
Who doesn’t love dreamy, glossy, shiny hair, in 2019 this will be a mainstream look with a glass like finish. If this is a look you struggle to achieve,book in to see one of our team at Evolve in Clanfield, Hampshire and we will show you how to achieve this with blowdrying.

2. A stark contrast of big volume and dead straight
The noughties fashion of poker straight hair is on the up! So make sure your straighteners are up to the challenge this summer! And as a stark contrast, heading back to the 60’s big volume, especially at the roots, will be huge this summer. No wonder the hair product market is saturated with volumizing products as this is one of the most difficult looks to achieve.

3. Grey Hair
Whether you are naturally grey and wish to embrace it, or wanting those beautiful silver fox tones by dyeing your hair, there are so many amazing products on the market to enhance these tones, one of my favourites is milk_shake Silver Shine Shampoo combining the benefits of milk protein, vitamin-rich blueberries and violet pigment to neutralise any brassy unwanted yellow tones. For more advice on how to keep your silver hair glistening, contact us .