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Planning for Prom?

With the average price of your little cherub going to the year 11 school prom rising to well over £90 million a year, and the average dress costing £220, this can be an expensive time to parents up and down the country. I wonder if we set a poll locally in Waterlooville or Clanfield, how this would compare against the national average?

So much is spent on dresses, shoes, and what crazy vehicle you will turn up in, sometimes the hair is overlooked, but remember this is the gown you never take off, the icing on the cake, the piece de resistance! And as for your make up, wearing a slightly different colour lipstick or a pop of colour to the eyes can transform any look.

So here are a few tips to get any prom queen looking their best

1. Take a mini can of hairspray with you to prevent any up do meltdowns
2. Keep oil blotting papers handy to help keep your make up glowing all night
3. Use a good quality self tan mist
4. Always turn to the right in photos!
5. Prepare for bad weather and get yourself a prom umbrella!

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