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I Have Found the Solution to Frizzy Hair!

I don’t know about you but my hair definitely changes with the seasons! and as we start going from the lovely summer that we’ve had to the cold depths of winter my hair becomes such a big frizzy uncontrollable mess it’s hard to find something to tame the mane.

I’ve tried so many different hair products and serums, some are great, others just weigh my hair down so when I found the kerastraight keratin protein Straightening and repair treatment my eyes lit up!

So I booked in from my initial consultation at Evolve Hair and Beauty in Waterlooville, And the young lady explained everything I needed to know, it would last up to 4 months, it would keep the bounce in my hair but reduce all this nasty frizz that I just can’t control and all this for £150 which is worth it’s weight in gold.

This was 2 months ago, and I can safely say that it’s reduced the time taken to style my hair every morning, and it’s also given me the added benefit of great condition and shine in my hair. I be booking back in for this treatment come the winter months

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